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We wanted our babies and children to sleep safely and comfortably in the best, most natural environment, which is why we started Naturalmat.

As new parents, we saw how tiredness and anxiety can easily spoil the joy of life with a new baby. When our children were tiny we didn't want to settle for the standard synthetic baby mattress. We discovered the amazing potential of natural and organic materials like organic coir, latex and organic cotton - so much healthier, more functional and more satisfying that synthetics.

Using the best raw ingredients, we created a range of hand-crafted baby mattresses that are superbly comfortable, breathable, washable, non-allergenic and a delight to use - ensuring the best possible night's sleep for baby and parent.

Naturalmat’s products are true to the values which we and many other parents believe in: use of natural and organic materials; care for the environment; and understanding, expert service. They’re for parents who want the best, with no compromises; who expect stylish, well-designed products which perform superbly well, at least environmental cost.

By buying Naturalmat, parents know they are doing the very best for their children - and for the world they'll live in.

Peter Tindall & Mark Tremlett

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