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Vital Touch Luxus

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Babys Birthday
Baby Alter
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Mum's Gorgeous Pampering Box
  • Pamper yourself During Pregnancy!
  • Bath Scrub, Bath Soak, Miracle Balm and 100% Organic Cotton Flannel
  • Made using 100% Hand-Blended Natural Oils
47,99 €
Vital Touch
Blissful Baby Box
  • A Vital Box of products for Your Baby
  • Relaxation and Massage
  • Helps Positive Touch and Contact with your Baby
  • Uses 100% Natural Oils and other Ingredients
  • Baby Skin Care and Nourishment
45,49 €
Morning Sickness Ease
  • A Blend of Essential Oils to Ease your Morning Sickness
  • Refreshing and can Stimulate Appetite
  • Discreet and Easy-to-use
Pregnancy Relaxation Box
  • Contains Everything to relax you During Pregnancy
  • Includes Prenatal Bath
  • Morning Sickness Ease
  • 100% Cotton Flannel
  • Pregnancy and Labour Massage Guide
43,99 €
Beautiful Pregnant Body Box
  • Contains Everything to Soothe and Relax you During Pregnancy
  • Includes Prenatal Bath
  • Morning Sickness Ease
  • Prenatal Body and Bath Oil
  • 100% Cotton Flannel
  • Pregnancy and Labour Massage Guide
47,99 €
Labour and Birth Box
  • A Collection of Soothing Oils to Help Ease Labour
  • Three Different Oils for Massaging, Energising and Bathing
  • With 100% Cotton Flannel
  • Pregnancy and Labour Massage Guide
47,99 €
Perineal Massage Oil
  • As advocated By Midwives and Birthing Professionals
  • Made from 100% Natural Oils
23,49 €
Labour Massage Oil
  • A 100% Natural blend of Oils to Help Bring Relief During Labour
  • Used and Recommended by Birthing Professionals
14,49 €
Labour Bath Ease
  • A Bath Additive which Eases your Labour
  • Contains a Natural Analgaesic
  • Suitable for Massaging and Inhaling
Labour Instant Energiser
  • A Pick-me-up when you flag During Labour
  • A blend of 100% Natural Oils and products
  • Handy and Discreet
New Parent Survival Box
  • Gentle on Your baby's Skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • NO perfumes, NO dyes, NO parabens
47,99 €
Baby Top to Toe Wash
  • Soothing, Gentle and Kind for your Baby
  • Can be used to wash Baby's Hair and Body
  • You and Your Baby are Covered by our 365 Day 100% Happiness Guarantee!
  • Contains Lavender, Candula and Aloe Vera
  • Only Natural Ingredients
Vital Touch
Baby Bottom Butter
  • Beruhigt und heilt zarte Babypopos
  • Ohne Chemikalien, die Ihrem Baby Schaden zufügen könnten
  • Enthält nur natürliche Inhaltsstoffe
  • Zerfließt bei Kontakt mit der Haut
Vital Touch
Baby Bottom Butter
  • Soothes and Heals Your Baby's Bottom
  • No Harsh Chemicals to Harm your baby
  • Uses Only Natural Ingredients
  • Melts in Contact with the Skin
Vital Touch
Baby Special Skin Balm
  • Ideal zur Behandlung von Milchschorf.
  • Mit natürlicher Sheabutter, Olivenöl und Calendula.
  • Beruhigt trockene Haut
  • Auch zur Linderung bei wunden Brustwarzen geeignet

Vital Touch is a collection of natural and organic products for mind body and soul, a concept created by leading massage and bodyworker, Katie Whitehouse.

The FEEL LIFE ethos is a key part of what Vital touch stands for - bringing positive touch into everyday life.

Vital Touch products are hand blended using the very best organic and natural raw materials.


Vital Touch uses:
Only the highest quality, unadulterated organic and wildcrafted essential oils that have been tested for purity
Ingredients that are mild and considered environmentally friendly
Ingredients that are wholly naturally derived
Packaging from recycled, recyclable or reusable materials

Vital Touch Products are:
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Hand blended in Devon in small quantities to ensure consistent quality, freshness and maximum shelf life
Labelled clearly and safely with simple instructions

Vital Touch does not use:
Synthetic colouring or perfumes
Mineral oils or lanolin
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

Vital Touch:
Rejects the testing of cosmetic products on animals
Endeavours to source raw materials that are ethically and sustainably grown